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About 4 Girls 4 Curls


When creating a lifestyle becomes a reality....


4 Girls 4 Curls also known as 4G4C is a lifestyle brand that works to enhance and enrich the lives of women with natural hair.

4 Girls 4 Curls came into existence out of the desire to see an increase in presence of the natural hair community in the Bay Area. We noticed that there were so many communities nationwide that were having meet-ups, events and creating awesome natural hair support networks and we wanted to be that platform for the Bay Area and beyond.

The name 4 Girls 4 Curls was inspired by our desire to highlight kinky hair types. As we were examining the natural hair market we realized that there were still a lot of negative perceptions toward type 4 hair, which is considered the kinkier of the hair types. We wanted to create a community that highlighted, celebrated and embraced kinky textures.  We combined our aspiration to uplift type 4 hair and  our four original members and the name 4 Girls 4 Curls was born.

The mission of 4 Girls 4 Curls is to create a community that validates the beauty of highly textured natural hair. Through this mission we hope to makes strides in eradicating the stigma that has historically been attributed to Type 4 (kinky) hair.

We plan to achieve this goal by focusing on and highlighting many important facets of a natural woman's life including how women with natural hair are thriving in hair care, career, health, relationships, beauty, community and many more. Ideally 4G4C will be a brand that all women can connect with at different places in their natural hair journey.

We hope that through our platform we can support all women who are natural, transitioning to natural, thinking about returning to natural or just have an overall interest in natural hair. We hope that you continue to support our brand and become a part of the amazing natural hair community.


Brittney and Shavonté

Founders of 4 Girls 4 Curls